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A DIY home care beauty tool that gives you various benefits, enabling daily self-massage for 10 minutes without professional touch will enhance dullness and resilience of skin by relaxing stagnant muscle tissue and increasing blood flow to remove the accumulated waste on face.
Rose Quartz Facial Gua Sha helps to ease tension by, improving blood circulation and skin tone, reduces puffiness. With gently applied pressure, tool helps to clear and expel toxins by promoting lymphatic drainage. In areas like jawline and cheekbone, sculpt and reduce the appearance of puffiness. Loss of firmness and elasticity will naturally be improved by enhancing overall skin health and radiance of skin. Perfect for any users looking for gentle, natural and non-invasive tool for enhancing natural beauty. Rose Quartz Rose Quartz, called Rose Crystal or Aphrodite Stone, is known to be the crystal of unconditional love. Just holding it in your hand can promote self-love, attract romance, protect and balance, heal physical ailments, and relieve anxiety. This lovely beautiful pink quartz crystal, also referred to as love stone, is one of the most popular stones. The origin of Gua Sha Gua means “scrape” and sha means “sand or fever or rash”, and those two words together in Chinese mean “to scrape away disease”. This traditional Chinese Gua Sha technique, cited in clinical books since the Qing dynasty, is best for removing toxins, improving blood circulation, and stimulating the flow of qi energy. Introducing GLOSOME rose quartz facial gua sha by adding GLOSOME’s style to the ancient Chinese gua sha. Main Ingredients: Rose Quartz 100% natural Brazilian crystal filled with love energy How To Use : Apply enough facial oil or serum. Start from the forehead and move down in an upward and outward motion to chin, cheeks and around the eye area. Gently massage for three to five minutes daily. Caution 1. Before use, apply oil or serum to reduce friction. 2. Often cause purple or red spots. 3. Avoid use on skin with injuries or inflammation. 4. 100% natural crystal., hand-made, the size and color may vary slightly 5. Keep out of reach of children or infants. 6. After use, wash stone with warm water. Dry completely. 7. Do not drop. Please handle with care


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